MIT OpenID Connect Pilot

MIT's OpenID Connect pilot service allows enabled sites and applications at MIT and around the world to log you in with your MIT account without needing to handle your password or other sensitive credentials.

This server provides both an OAuth 2.0 authorization server and an OpenID Connect identity provider for use in a wide variety of sites and applications. MIT account holders can log in to the service using their username/password, kerberos tickets, or MIT certificate.

The pilot service is available to everyone at MIT. Check out the developer documentation and get started enabling your site or service. This is a pilot service and should not be used for a production system at this time.


This server is built on MITREid Connect, a project of The MITRE Corporation and MIT KIT.


OIDC is provided as a service of IS&T. For questions, assistance, and issues regarding the service, please send email to

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